How to Screenshot on Samsung Laptop? [3 Methods]

Wondering how to screenshot on Samsung laptop? Don’t worry we will tell you some shortcuts and simple methods to capture excellent screenshots on a Samsung laptop. In your daily routine, you have to take screenshots of your work, ongoing class, or any web-based information.  

You can capture these screenshots in JPG PNG forms. We will also discuss how to save screenshots on a Samsung laptop in other formats. As Samsung laptops have windows operating systems. We will talk about how you can take screenshots using different windows too. So read this carefully and follow the steps. 

How To Screenshot On Samsung Laptop?

How to Screenshot on Samsung Laptop?

Method 1: Using Combination Keys

You can use combination keys to capture screenshots on your Samsung laptop. You might have seen PrtScr named button on your Samsung. This button has a specific function which is taking screenshots. There are two ways to capture screenshots using this button. Let’s discuss both of them. 

1. Direct Save To ScreenShot Folder

  • Press “Windows Key + PrtScr” at the same time. 
  • Your Samsung screen will blink slightly. This is the indication that your screenshot has been taken. 
  • Now you have to locate where your image is. Simple open “This Pc”. 
  • Now go to Pictures as indicated in the picture. 
  • Here you can find a folder named “Screenshot”
  • Open the folder, here you can find all your captured screenshots. 

2. Save Screenshot After Editing

Yes, you can resize and edit your screenshots after capturing them. Here’s the simple method. 

  • To take a screenshot of your screen just press “Printscreen or PrtScr Key” on your Samsung laptop. 
  • Go to the windows search bar. Write “ Paint” and open it. 
  • Now click “Ctrl + V” to paste the captured image. 
  • Here you can edit the image too. You can resize, crop, add text and do many other edits. 
  • Click on the resize menu. Now select the option, like you want to resize the image by percentage or by pixels. 
  • Write the length and width in the given column. 
  • Your screenshot will be resized.

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Method 2: Using Windows Pre-Installed tools

There are three pre-installed applications in windows, we are going to explore 3 of them and how you can capture screenshots using these applications.  We are going to explore both Windows 10 and Windows 11. 

1. Snipping Tool

The snipping tool is one of the best tools for taking screenshots in Windows 10 and 11. How? Follow the steps below. 

  • Go to the Windows search bar and type “snipping tool”. 
  • Open the application with having the scissor icon. 
  • Now click “New” on the left upper corner of the app. 
  • It will allow you to capture any specific area of your screen by dragging your mouse cursor while holding the left click. 
  • After you will release the screen, your screenshot will be taken. 
  • Now save the screenshot wherever you want on your laptop. 
  • You can also change the mode of screenshots like square or free selection. 
  • The Snipping Tool allows you to add delay in the image capturing in seconds. 

2. Snip and Sketch Tool

  • Go to the Windows search bar and search “Snip & Sketch” open the app. Or you can press Windows key + Shift + S as a shortcut key to open the snipping tool.
  • After opening, press “New” on the left upper corner. 
  • Now you have to select the specific area to capture the screenshot or you can drag your mouse on the whole screen to capture the whole screen. 
  • After releasing the mouse button, it will view your captured image. 
  • Now you can edit your image here too. It gives you different tools like rulers, brushes, cropping tools, etc.

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3. Xbox Gamer Bar

Xbox Gamer Bar is introduced by Xbox in Windows 10 and 11. It allows you to connect your Xbox to Windows and also allows you to record the gameplay using this extension. It also has a very interesting feature which is taking screenshots. The best thing about this extension is that it gives you high-quality screenshots.  Here’s the method you can use to capture the screenshots with Xbox Gamer Bar.

  • Go to your Windows search bar and type Xbox Gammer Bar. You can also Press “Windows Key + G” together to open the extension directly. 
  • Open the application.
  • Go to the left upper corner of the bar. Here will be a camera icon. If you will press this icon it will capture your screenshot immediately. 
  • There is another simple way too. Press the “Windows Key + Alt + PrtScr” button together. Xbox gamer bar extension will capture and save the screenshot automatically. 
  • You can locate this screenshot by clicking “All Captures”. 
  • Now click on “Open Location”. It will redirect you to the capture folder where all your screenshots are located. 

Method 3: Using Screen Capturing Software

There are several screens capturing software and applications that allow you to take screenshots. This is another solution for taking screenshots on a Samsung laptop. There are more than a hundred applications. But we will talk about a few and discover how they work. 

1. ShareX – Editable Screenshots

ShareX allows you to capture or record any area of your screen and share it by pressing one key. It is open-source and free. It is one of the best productivity tools out there. 

  • Download Share X from the given link (ShareX)
  • Install and open the application. 
  • Now click on “Capture”. It will allow you to select an option.
  • You want to select specific regions of the screen by manual selection or full screen. Select one of them. 
  • Now drag your pointer on the area of selection or just capture the full screen. 
  • You can also do basic editing in ShareX. 

2. Greenshot – Simple To Capture

Greenshot is another screen capturing free open-source application. It can quickly take screenshots of the selective regions or whole full screen. Lets us know how it works. 

  • Download Greenshot from the given link and Install the setup. 
  • Open the application and select the plugin you want the image in. 
  • Enable the Greenshot from startups and it is ready to use. 
  • The hotkey for the Greenshot is now your “Printscreen Key”. Just press PrtScr and select the area you want to take a screenshot of. 
  • After the capturing, it will give you a drop-down menu on your screen. 
  • Now you can select where you want to save the screenshot to or print it. 
  • It will automatically save screenshots in your Samsung laptop’s screenshot folder.

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3. Icecream – Screen Recorder

One of the amazing and best on-screen capturing software is the Icecream recorder. Besides the video capturing abilities, it can take screenshots. How to let me tell you.  

  • Download Icecream Recorder from the given link (Icecream).
  • Install the application and run it. 
  • Now you can run it as a background application. Press “Ctrl + Shift + T” to capture the screenshot. 
  • It will save your screenshots in the screenshot folder. You can also change the location from “Save to”. 

4. OBS (Online Broadcast Software)

OBS is free and open-source streaming and broadcasting software. It allows you to record and stream at the same time. Besides all these functions it also has a screenshot-taking ability. 

  • Download OBS and install it on your laptop. 
  • First, select the output folder where you want to save your screenshot. 
  • Click on the output.
  • Select the output folder and press save
  • Now to take screenshots click on the “Scene” to open a file. 
  • Click on “Screenshot scene” at it will take the screenshot and will drop it in the assigned folder. 
  • OBS also allows you to take screenshots of the source or camera you are using as a webcam. 
  • Go to the source panel, right-click on your source to open the file. 
  • No click “Capture scene”. It will take a screenshot and will send it to a designated folder. 

5. LightShot – Fast Screenshots

You can use LightShot for your Samsung laptop to capture area-specific screenshots. This will allow you to capture the whole screen too. 

  • Download the LightShot form the given link (LightShot).
  • Now install it on your laptop and open it.
  • When you will open the application. It will show an icon in the right lower corner of the list of startup applications.
  • Just click on the icon, it will ask you to select the specific region. Select the region and save the screenshot. 


How to take screenshots on a Samsung laptop in windows 10?

The best and easy way is to use shortcut keys like the Printscreen + Windows button. You can also use the Windows 10 built-in application like Snipping tool, Snip & sketch, or Xbox gamer bar. There are other few methods you can see in our article here

What is the shortcut key for taking screenshots in Windows 11 and 10?

The shortcut key is the same for windows 10 and 11 operating systems. Press “Windows keyPrtScr” at the same time to capture the screenshot. You can also find the screenshot in the screenshot folder on your laptop.

How can I take a screenshot on a Samsung laptop Windows 11?

While holding the Windows key, press and hold the PrtSc key. This will take a screenshot of the full screen and save it to the Pictures > Screenshots folder. You can navigate to that folder by quickly searching for folders in the search bar.

How to resize Screenshots in Windows?

Press the PrintScreen key to take the screenshot. Now search Paint in the windows search bar. Open the application. Press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot. Now press the Resize option on the left upper toolbar. Resize according to the percentage or according to the pixels of your screenshot.

Can I use any software for screenshots on a Samsung laptop?

Yes, there are a bunch of applications that you can use to capture the screenshot. These applications include Snagit, ShareX, Greenshot, Icecream recorder, LightShot, etc. These are some of the best screenshot capturing applications.


Like other common laptops, Samsung laptops also have Windows operating system. So the Screenshot process on the Samsung laptop is also the same as in other laptops. You can capture it by pressing the Windows key + Prtscr key or you can use external applications listed in the article.