Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On: How To Fix? [Tested Methods]

Do you want to know why your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on? Lenovo with its amazing laptop manufacturing technology is one of the leading laptop manufacturers. They have enormous products like NoteBooks, Tablets, ThinkPad, etc. Besides all this, their laptop sale is less than HP and Dell. Why? Because some of their laptops show frequent errors like turning off during sleep or hibernating mode. No turning on at all. Battery errors and turning off.

Lenovo Laptop Won't Turn On: How To Fix?

If your Lenovo laptop is not turning on or frequently turning off. It might be a sign of a major issue. But don’t worry about that. We are here to solve this problem. Lenovo users often say their laptops do not return back from sleep and the most severe is that laptops do not turn on at all.  But it’s not a big deal. These are some easy to resolve issues. So stay with us to solve all your Lenovo laptop turning on issues. 

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On [Issue Overview]

In some cases when a general laptop does not turn on it indicates the reason too. Like if the ream on your laptop is not working it blinks the HDD light with beeps. When your processor is not working, your fan runs fast and then turns off. 

But in Lenovo laptops case, users say it does not indicate any such issues. It often just turns off and stays in this condition as there is no battery or power source attached. There is a list of some tested issues that affect the Lenovo laptop. 

1. Damaged Battery

If your laptop’s battery is damaged and you are still using it, it might be dangerous for your laptop’s health. A damaged battery may cause several severe issues like sudden laptop turn-off or permanent damage to your motherboard components. This could be the main reason for your problem. 

2. Using Fake or Random Voltage Charger

Not using the original charger for your laptop’s battery is your biggest mistake. We often buy a laptop adapter without reading its actual input and output voltages. We do not calculate the voltage that our battery requires and the voltage that our adapter supplies. In such cases, we are constantly damaging our battery and laptop’s board that supply such disrupted or irregular voltage.

3. Improper Shutdown

In a hurry, we do not allow our laptop to completely shut down. We lid down it and carry it immediately. This is the most wrong exercise. This damages your laptop specially the hard drive. We often turn off the laptop by pressing the power button. This method cut-offs all the power from your laptop suddenly and may cause heavy damage to your laptop processor, RAM, hard drive, etc. 

4. Connecting High Voltage Consuming Device

In some cases, we want to connect a big size LCD monitor with our Lenovo laptop. Such big size external monitors require high voltage video signals to display on their screen. the data cable also starts the consumption of voltage. 

This increases the voltage rush from the laptop’s battery towards the board and then to the HDMI or VGA ports. This may cause vital damage to your laptop. Your laptop can also suddenly shut down in case of severe damage. 

5. Display or Hardware Issue

So in this case laptop is unable to show display at all. Though it turns on and everything starts working like fans, lights, etc, but does not shows any display. It might be a display issue. 

Often the charging pin inside the laptop gets damaged and whenever you turn on your laptop it does not turn on. Due to a short circuit in the pin area. You should avoid charging in such situations. 

Lenovo Laptop Most Common Problems And Their Solutions

1. No Power Issue

In this case, your laptop seems powerless. It does not turn on even the power led has now power in it. It is the most common issue with Lenovo laptops. It is often told by the users of Lenovo laptops having internal batteries. 

So most possibly if the internal battery is dead it won’t start your laptop at all. Using a faulty battery may result in damaging your motherboard too. So seek professional services to change the battery. 

  • Remove the laptop’s battery first and then insert it again.
my Lenovo laptop won't turn on but the power light is on
  • Connect your laptop with its power adapter. 
  • Leave in this charging state for about 10 to 15 minutes then turn it on.  

In the third case, if your laptop is constantly displaying battery low error and sudden shutdown, try to connect to the AC adapter and then turn it on. If it runs on the direct current supply then your battery is damaged. Try to replace it immediately. 

2. Power LED Blinking:

It happens when you try to turn on your Lenovo laptop, instead of showing display its power led starts blinking. Sometimes it blinks with a beeping sound. Commonly 3 beeps after a one-second delay are a memory error.

It occurs due to any issue in your RAM. If you hear 2 beeps with red color blinking light, then it might be your processor. In both cases, your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on. Try to clean your 

  • If it’s your RAM, open the back cover of your laptop.
Lenovo laptop won't turn on but the fan runs
  • Eject the RAM from the port carefully. 
how to turn on lenovo laptop
  • No clean the ram using a pencil eraser as it will remove all the carbon on the RAM connectors. 
Lenovo yoga laptop won't turn on
  • Place the back to the port and turn on your laptop. 
  • If you have two rams, try to start the laptop through one ram at a time to check which one is damaged or causing the error. 

3. Complete Blackout

If your laptop is turned on but not showing any display at all but your keyboard lights and other hard drive charging lights are working properly. Then it might be due to display driver error or display hardware error. You can solve this issue by following the tested method. 

  • Try to turn off your laptop by pressing the power button one time. 
  • Now remove the battery if it’s an external battery. If it has an internal battery just rest your laptop for 5 minutes. 
  • Now connect the charger with your laptop and turn it on. I hope it might solve your problem. 

This problem also may be due to any constant short circuit inside the laptop. So contact any professional if your issue is still there after restarting. 

4. Overheating

It is a common issue that a laptop overheats. Lenovo laptops do have this issue in common. Overheating damages the motherboard and CPU. As we know most of the processing is done by the CPU. The processor often gets heated. This may result in a sudden shutdown or complete blackout. The fan also starts running fast to cool down the processor. This sudden shutdown is the protective mechanism of the laptop. In severe cases, you may burn your processor or some cores.

How we can be sure of the overheating? How to cool down the processor fast? There are a few simple and easy solutions. Turn off your laptop first. Remove the battery and let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes. Laptop processors also have thermal paste on them as our desktops have. If that thermal paste is dried or evaporated, then overheating is common. 

Sometimes improper air ventilation through the pipes or dust in the pipe may cause the same heating issue. Try to clean the ventilation system thoroughly using air pressure. 

  • Disassemble your laptop. 
  • Remove the processor fan. 
Lenovo Laptop Won't Turn On due to overheating
  • Use an air blower to clean the air vents and fans. 
Lenovo Laptop Won't Turn On due to overheating
  • Apply some thermal paste on the processor and place the fan again. 
  • Monitor the core temperature using software like CPUZ or HD sentinel
  • If the problem is still there, contact the professionals immediately. 

5. Replace CMOS Battery Replacement

CMOS Battery is a coin-type cell that is attached to the motherboard of your laptop. It is basically used to store BIOS settings. If you have disturbed any of the BIOS settings, Lenovo may cause a sudden shutdown or won’t turn on. 

To resolve this issue, 

  • Disassemble your laptop. It is often present on the back of your laptop attached to the motherboard. 
  • Remove the back cover carefully. 
Replace CMOS Battery Replacement
  • Now remove the CMOS Battery and check it using a voltmeter. 
  • If it is giving the true voltage then place it back, but if there is a disturbance in voltage then replace it with a new battery.

6. Lenovo CMOS or NOVO Button Restart

Lenovo has a special feature called the CMOS button. This button is often inside a small hole on the back of the laptop. In some models is present near the function keys of the laptop. This CMOS button allows you to restart your Lenovo to factory settings without losing your data. In some factory restores settings, do you have to lose your data completely? But this button allows you to turn on the default settings. You can perform this reset by following these simple steps. 

  • Locate your CMOS button on the laptop. Mostly it will be under the laptop. 
  • Take a pin. You can use a slim hairpin or a sim ejecting pin too. The needle might damage the button of your laptop. So avoid using a sharp needle
Lenovo CMOS or NOVO Button Restart
  • Press for 3 to 5 seconds. Now release and turn on your laptop. 
  • Your laptop is in default settings now. Maybe it will ask for some initial options. Set them as you like. This will solve the not turning on issue. 

7. External Display

If you are using any external display with your laptop, this may be the reason that your laptop is not turning on. External displays often consume excess voltage from your battery too. Or a faulty monitor may also damage your display port. 

A damaged display power will also inhibit the on-screen display. That is why you often turn on the laptop and it does not show any display at all. Try to remove all the external monitors and then default restart your laptop or NOVO button restart. 


Why my Lenovo laptop is not turning on?

Remove all power sources of your laptop including battery and charger. Now you can use the pinhole or the NOVO button to restart your laptop as we have discussed in this article. You can try other methods too.

How can I force restart my Lenovo laptop?

There is a power removal method to force restart Lenovo laptops. Remove the battery and charger from your laptop. Now press the power button for 15-20 minutes. Place the battery back and turn on your laptop. This is a force restart for default settings of recovery mode in Lenovo laptops.

What is the NOVO button in Lenovo laptops?

NOVO button is in most Lenovo laptops. This button is used to restart your Lenovo laptop to factory settings without losing your data. This button is the alternative button to the CMOS button on most laptop

Why my Lenovo laptop won’t turn on even when plugged in?

If your laptop’s battery is completely dead or any hardware is not working correctly, it will affect the whole laptop’s function. Remove the battery and place it again and try to turn on the laptop now. Try any of these methods we have stated in this blog.

Where is the pinhole or NOVO button in Lenovo laptops? 

A pinhole or NOVO button is often on the sides near the USB or on the back of the laptop. In some models, the pinhole in Lenovo is present near the power button. This hole will have a retore sign near it. 


Most of the users say Lenovo is the best laptop provider. They have less budget more processing power laptops. But Lenovo laptops also have some constant issues These are temporary and solvable. If your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on. Try these above mention methods. Sometimes hardware like battery, adapter, rams, the processor may cause such issues. All the discussed methods are tested and safe to apply if your Lenovo laptop is not turning on.