How To Find The Right Charger For My Laptop?

Finding a new charger for your laptop? Want to know how to find the right charger for your laptop? You must consider these key points before buying a new charger. The biggest facts are the voltage and amperes. If Both matches your requirement then you should take a look at the quality. 

Each laptop requires a specific battery charger. Using any charger without knowing its capacity and voltage may damage your laptop’s battery

Every time you want to buy a charger, match its voltage and amperes with your battery. Remove the battery and read these requirements on the battery label. 

How To Choose The Best Replacement Charger For Your Laptop

How To Find The Right Charger For My Laptop?

If you are looking to buy a charger online, look for the quality, not the price. It is because, in the end, your battery life matters. Buying a cheap charger may lead to many issues like voltage fluctuations, disturbance in amperes, less life span, etc. Here are some important points you should consider before buying a new charger for your laptop.

1. Original Charger

Always look for the exact same charger that your laptop came with. Buying the original charger is always the best choice. 

Try to find the service care center of your laptop. Order a new charger from there. You can also search the market as many laptop brands distribute their original charger to the market for sale. 

2. Voltage And Current

You must match the voltage and amperes of your battery with the adapter. It is really simple to do work. Find the voltage and current label on the battery. In the case of an external battery, you can find it on the battery. Just remove and search. 

In the case of the internal battery, you have to search the label on the back cover of the laptop. Google is another best way to find the details of your charger voltage and current.

You can check this guide to find out how many watts your charger uses.

The charger’s output of current and voltage must be the same as it is mentioned on the label. 

3. Long Wire Charger

Always search for the charger having a long wire. Most chargers come with a 1-meter cable length. That’s fair enough. But try to buy a charger with some extra wire length. It will help you to adjust anywhere while using the laptop. Would protect the plug from sudden stretches or pull. 

4. Prefer Quality Over Price

Buying a cheap product is always a waste of money. They do not have any build quality. As a result, it expires quickly. Do not prefer quality over price. 

Always buy a branded product even if it costs double the cheap one. It will last longer and will pay you back.

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What Happen When you Use A Wrong Adapter For Laptop

Some laptops may run on lower voltage. But this low voltage is causing serious damage to them. Some non-branded chargers claim to supply 20 volts of power, but in reality, they are producing 17 to 18 voltages. This voltage shortage lowers the performance of your laptop. 

If you use such adapters, they definitely damage your battery. Overvoltage is also a damaging factor. It may overcharge your battery cells and as a result, cells lose the capacity to store energy. 

Using the wrong charger is also dangerous. Voltage fluctuation in the battery may cause an explosion. There are many cases of battery explosion accidents all over the world. 

Like in mobile phones, there is an Auto cut-off circuit. It prevents the device from overcharging. The wrong charger negatively affects this circuit. And once it is damaged, your battery is out of the safe zone. 

How To Identify Original Laptop Charger

First of all, you must contact the laptop manufacturers to buy the charger. If it does not work. You have to identify the best original charger for your laptop. Wondering how you can do it? Here are some tips. 

  • Always look for the brand tag. 
  • Always compare with your original charger. 
  • Note the output and input voltages.
  • Note the model number of the charger. It is the same as the original or not.
  • Some chargers have QR codes, scan them to know more about them. 
  • Look for the exact pin size. 
  • Research on the internet before buying. 
  • Always try to purchase directly from the brand or their recommended stores.

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How do you charge your laptop without the charger?

There are several ways to do that. But they are not safe for your laptop and its battery. You can use the car charger to charge your laptop. You will need the USB to type C converter in case of MacBook and USB to pin converter in case of HP, Dell Acer laptops.

Can you charge a laptop without an AC adapter?

No, it is not possible to fully charge your laptop without an AC charger. You might damage the battery or laptop. There are some ways involving the battery banks but they are not reliable.

How do you know what kind of charger you need for your laptop?

There is a list of things you must keep in mind before buying a new charger for your laptop. As we have discussed in our blog post. You have to compare the output and input voltages. Compare the amperes with the original charger. All this information may be found on your laptop’s battery.

Can you use a 20V charger on a 19V laptop?

It is possible and the charger will charge your laptop too. But it is risky too. You are providing low voltage to your battery. It will take time to complete the battery. Moreover, the low voltage will also affect the laptop’s hardware during charging.

The Bottom Line

The best way to find the right charger for your laptop is through proper research. You must know the basic points as we have discussed in this blog. Laptop batteries are also sensitive to voltages. So always buy the compatible charger according to the power of your laptop battery.