How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Battery?

How to estimate how much does it cost to replace a laptop battery? It is a matter of fact that different brands have different laptop models. All these models have different battery types and cells therefore their price ranges differ too. If we look at Apple MacBooks, they have a high cost of battery replacement or even repairing as compared to other companies like Dell, HP or Acer, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Battery?

There are other solutions to save your battery instead of replacing it. Sometimes there is a minor fault and we think to replace our laptop’s battery. We are going to talk about some important facts about how much does it cost to replace a laptop battery and some cost-efficient ways. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Battery

As the prices of most laptops are rising event above several thousand dollars? New technology is not so cheap to use. In 2022, the average cost of battery replacement has increased as new laptops are on the market now. Lets According to a survey in 2022, an average laptop battery replacement cost is around $50 to $200. 

Average Battery Replacement Cost

Some important figures of laptop battery replacement cost is given below. 

Type of ReplacementPrice Range
Battery Cost$30-$200
Labor Cost$20-$50 (per hour) 
Total Average Cost$59-$250

These figures reflect the average price and labor cost of a battery replacement. But there are some companies that cost more than $250 for just a battery replacement. Some companies do not allow you to change batteries from local repair shops. You must have to visit their service center for a genuine battery. 

Brands and Thier Replacement Cost

Big brands like Apple, ASUS, Dell, HP, etc provide their battery replacement services through proper service centers. Here is the average cost of battery replacement of a few well-known brands. 

Battery Replacement Price Of Some Top Laptop Brands:

Brand Name Average Price
HP (Hewlett-Packard)$30-$140

The lowest average is $20 and the highest is $200 which is mostly offered by the companies having expensive laptops. 

Gaming Laptops and Battery Replacement Cost

There is a slight difference between the battery price of a normal study or business laptop as compared to a gaming laptop. As the battery of gaming laptops is designed to provide full power as gaming laptops have internal graphic cards and high Hz rams. 

Brand Name Average Price
Razer Blade$100-$200
MSI $50-$100
Acer Predator $45-$100
Asus ROG $40-$50
Dell G3 15$25-$50

Cost-Efficient Way To Replace Battery

The battery of a laptop is not more than just rechargeable cells. All batteries have a specific milliamp Hour (mAh). There are some ways you can save your money. Often if a battery is draining very fast after charging we always think to replace it. This is not the only solution. 

Batteries are made up of rechargeable cells. Some of these rechargeable cells may die earlier causing the problem. You can try to replace these damaged or dead cells. There are electronic repair professionals for such jobs. This cell replacement will cost you less than the $30 average cost. That is way cheaper than a new battery. This cost will include all the labor and new cell price. 

If your laptop is too old or the battery is too weak then you should buy a new battery instead of replacing its cells. It is because all the present cells are damaged and it will cost you equal to the cost of a new battery. Moreover using an old battery is dangerous for your laptop’s health. 

How To Know If The Laptop Battery Is Bad or Damaged?

There are several ways to test your battery’s health. Some common symptoms of a bad battery include the following:

  • Fast battery drainage. 
  • No charging error even with the charger plugged in. 
  • Slow laptop performance. 
  • Sudden shutdown of laptop.
  • Constant low battery errors on the laptop screen.
  • Overheating of battery.
  • Battery replacement notifications. 

Some applications can also detect a faulty or damaged battery. They run different tests that consume a battery per minute. The application takes the average battery timing and shows the results of whether your battery is ok or not.

Learn more about how to know if the battery is dead.

Benefits of Laptop Battery Replacement

Laptops are computers that are used most of the time as we carry them with us. They need constant power. All the components of the motherboard and related hardware need a specific amount of voltage. This content power and voltage are supplied by its battery.

If you are using an old damaged battery, it will harm your laptop’s life. The old battery will provide less voltage and will damage other hardware. It will weaken your processor. The solution is that you must immediately replace the old battery with a new one. There are some benefits of replacing the laptop battery. 

  • The new battery will supply current and power constantly and accurately according to the component. 
  • It will provide full power to your processor and Rams to perform at full range. 
  • The battery drainage will be controlled.
  • A new battery will save your laptop from the sudden shutdown, so your data is secure now. 
  • A new battery will surely increase the laptop’s overall performance and lifetime. 

How To Replace Laptop Battery At Home?

This method mostly works for the external battery, but if you are a technical geek you can replace the internal battery too. How it will reduce your cost? In the market, you will have to spend an average of $30 just for the laptop battery replacement labor cost. You can save $30 by replacing the laptop’s battery at home. Let me show you how you can do this. 

1. How To Replace External Battery Of A Laptop

  • Find the battery locks at the back of your laptop. 
How To Replace Laptop Battery At Home?
  • Once the locks are open, lift the battery and remove it. 
How To Replace External Battery Of A Laptop
  • Now place the new battery in the same position as the old battery was. 
  • Now push the battery till a click sound of locks. Your battery is replaced. 
how much does a laptop battery cost

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2. Replacing Internal Battery Of A Laptop

Internal or non-removable batteries are inside the laptops. To remove such a battery you have to open the laptop’s back. 

  • Take screwdriver according to the size of screws our laptop has. 
Replacing Internal Battery Of A Laptop
how much does it cost to replace a dell laptop battery
  • Remove the back cover carefully. There could be some wires attached to the back cover. 
  • Locate the old battery. Remove its wires from the mainboard carefully not to damage the board. 
how much does it cost to replace a hp laptop battery
  • Remove the old battery and place the new battery in the same position. Plugin the wires. 
hp battery replacement cost
  • Place the back cover back and screw it as it was. Your laptop’s battery is changed.


Is it the best option to replace the laptop battery?

Replacement of the battery is not always the best solution. If you have any kind of short circuit in your laptop, it will damage your battery. You can also replace the damaged cells of your battery which is a cost-efficient method.

Can I replace the battery of the laptop at home?

Yes, it is quite easy to replace the battery of a laptop at home. External batteries are way easier to replace than internal laptop batteries.

How much does it cost to replace a laptop battery?

The replacement price of a laptop’s battery always depends on its brand and model. As Apple has MacBooks, these laptops give you a battery backup of more than 15 hours. Hence their battery price is high. However, the average price range is from $30 to $200.

How many years does a laptop battery last?

Research shows that on average, a laptop battery has a life span ranging from two (2) years to four (4) years. It also depends on how you use and charge your laptop.

Does overcharge damage the laptop battery?

Excess of everything is bad. The same is in the case of laptops. New laptops have battery cutoff technology. It allows the laptop to cut off the incoming power from the charger when the battery is full. But in case the sensor is damaged, your battery may get damaged if you overcharge it.

What should be the minimum and maximum percentage of the laptop’s battery?

The minimum range must be 30% and the maximum battery charge will not exceed more than 90%. We do not use our laptops up to their full potential. Therefore we don’t have to charge it to the full 100% or drop it down to 5%.


Different brands offer different prices for laptop battery replacement. Most common brands have an average of $30 to $100. While some famous brands like Apple or Asus do not offer you such price. They have their service centers. They may charge you up to $200 or complete laptop battery replacement. Try to research the best and most cost-friendly way to replace your laptop’s battery.