How To Remove Stickers From Laptops? (3 Easy Methods)

A lot of people often ask, are laptop stickers removable?

Well, to be concise, yes, laptop stickers are removable. Whether they are the ones from the manufacturer or the ones we often paste on our computers to customize the look.

However, before moving to the step of removal, you should know how to remove stickers from laptops. Because improper disposal of stickers may harm your laptop.

Sometimes there is much sticky substance left on the laptop because of improper removal of stickers. On the other hand, some safety factors also require attention.

That’s why we have brought this guide on how to remove stickers from laptops. We have included three situations regarding sticker removal, which are most likely to happen.

How To Remove Stickers From Laptops in 3 simple ways

Have a look.

1. Scraping it off

This method is only when the sticker is there, not for over a year. Follow the given steps if you are in such a situation.

  1. You can easily peel the sticker off if it’s comparatively newer. The older it gets, the more adhesive it may leave on the device. Because over time, the sticky solution leaves the sticker and makes its living on your computer. Consequently, which makes it harder for you to peel the sticker neatly and cleanly.
  • Start by pulling the sticker off from its one corner. You can use your fingernails to pull the sticker’s corner from the laptop surface. However, if your nails are short and you feel uncomfortable using them, you can also use a peeling knife or a hard card like a credit/debit card.

However, if you are using a knife or something with sharp edges, always make sure that you are not harming the surface by making scratches on it. You may use a plastic knife instead of a metal one.

  • From the peeled corner, slowly lift the sticker. When you are pulling the sticker, put the fingernail or card at the meeting point of the sticker and laptop surface. It will help you to remove the sticker cleanly.

This process is critical. Hence, you should invest your good time in it. If you pull the sticker right away, it may tear apart and leave residue on the surface.

Still, if it has left some of the sticky residues, there is nothing to worry about. In the following sections, you will also learn how to remove sticky residue from laptops.

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2. Removing the Sticky Adhesive

Sometimes the sticker has been on the laptop case for more than one year. Hence, after being pulled off, it leaves a sticky residue on the surface. There are proper ways to remove these kinds of residue and adhesives. In this section, you will learn how to remove sticky residue from laptops.

  1. Safety first, Since this step includes water or any other liquid, you should shut down and plug out your laptop before executing this process. It’s better to remove the battery. It will confirm the absence of any kind of electronic movement.
  • After unplugging the laptop, now take a microfiber cloth and make it wet. Now squeeze it properly and apply this damp cloth to the sticky residue.

Now, start circling on the surface with some good pressure. Within a few minutes, you will see that the residue has vanished.

When using the damp cloth, make sure that moisture is not going into the openings of your device.

  • If there is still some residue left after the damp cloth process, try using this trick. Put the cloth in hot water again and put a drop of dishwashing liquid onto the fabric. Now gently rub the liquid soap to make some leather. Apply this area of cloth directly on the sticky residue to clean it. Once you finish removing the adhesive, wipe the surface again with the damp part of the cloth without the soap.
  • After cleaning all the sticky substances, dry the surface of your laptop with the help of a dry microfiber lint-free cloth. Drying the cover will prevent streaking, especially when you remove a giant sticker.

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3. Removing the Stubborn Residue

Some stickers have very high-quality glue. That’s why sometimes, the stubborn residue remains stuck on your computer’s surface. Below, you will find a very easy solution to deal with this kind of stubborn residue.

  1. To remove the stubborn residue that you couldn’t remove using the damp cloth trick, you will be needing some additional elements. Try using 90% rubbing alcohol on these residues.
    Dip the corner of a micro-fiber cloth in the alcohol, and once again do some hard circular movements on the residue. If you don’t have the rubbing alcohol, you can also use a 1:1 mixture of white vinegar and warm water.
  • If the rubbing trick didn’t work, try using this method. Again, put the corner of a cloth in the alcohol (or the vinegar-water solution). Place this on the sticky residue and let sit for 2-3 minutes. Afterward, scrubbing will eliminate the remaining gunk.
    Although, rubbing alcohol does not decolorize a laptop’s body because it is usually made of plastic and aluminum. However, if you cannot afford the risk, keep checking every 30-40 seconds.
  • If the normal cloth is not doing the job, you can also use a mildly abrasive scrubbing pad. But always make sure to scrub very gently while using the abrasive pad.

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Congratulations, as you have properly read this guide on how to remove stickers from laptops, you can now remove stickers from your computers without damaging your property.

We will recall the whole guide once again. So, we have discussed three methods of removing stickers from laptops in this article. The first is scraping off the sticker. You can do this with your fingernails or any plastic card. Second, use dish-washing soap. However, the third is concerned with stubborn residue. To deal with the stubborn residue you can use rubbing alcohol or the vinegar-water solution.

Furthermore, each method also contains different situations. So, you must know how to remove stickers from laptops in any of the above-mentioned situations.