How To Clean Laptop Fan Without Opening Its Case?

As an everyday laptop user, you should know how to clean laptop fan without opening its case. Because if you don’t know how to open a laptop case properly, you might end up having a broken laptop case.

These basic techniques are important to learn regardless of what you do with your laptop. Maybe you have one of the best gaming laptops because you’re a gamer or you can also be an engineer and do construction management on your laptop.

You should always make sure that the fan of your laptop is working properly. Because the laptop fan is responsible for cooling your laptop internally as you use it.

Heavy usage results in heating of the laptop and it might get hurt severely if not taken care of. Now you may think that how you can know if your laptop fan is working properly or not?

Well, along with teaching you how to clean laptop fan without opening its case, we have also discussed how to test a laptop fan.

How To Clean Laptop Fan Without Opening Its Case?

Start with some easy ways to test a laptop fan.

How to Test a Laptop Fan?

Before proceeding to our main topic, you have to make sure whether your laptop fan is working properly or not. There are a lot of methods for this, yet we have selected the best and the easiest methods of all.

Following are 3 easy ways to test a laptop fan. All three are sequential so read accordingly.

Method 1: Check Sound

For this method, you will have to use one of your basic senses.

That’s your sense of hearing.

First of all, turn your laptop on. Depending on the model of laptop you are using, you can easily tell where the fan is. Just take your ear near the fan. If you could hear the sound of the fan, it means that it is working properly.

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If you do not hear the sound, you should test the following methods.

Method 2: Using a paper

Sometimes, it happens that you cannot hear the sound of the fan. However, it is working properly. So for a situation like this, you will have to try the paper method.

Take a small strip of paper and hold it with one side in a way that the other side is just in front of the fan. With the push caused by the fan, your strip will start swinging.

Now you can easily tell whether the laptop fan is not working properly or it is.

Method 3: Using a software

If you are a tech lover person and believe in the work done by a computer, then this method is for you.

Download and install any of the testing programs, for example, Core Temp, Speed Test, or BurnInTest.

These programs are free of cost and they push your laptop processor to its limit. And obviously, heat generates after this. Then, these programs measure all the parameters of your laptop components at these extreme conditions.

After having a look at the temperatures, you can easily tell whether the laptop fan is working properly or not.

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How to Clean Laptop Fan Without Opening Its Case

Once you come to know that your laptop fan is not working properly, it’s time to clean it properly. However, at the same time, you do not want to create a lot of mess. So, you will have to clean it without opening the case.

Here are 5 easy ways through which you can learn how to clean laptop fan without opening its case.

1. Using Compressed Air Can

This method is the simplest and the easiest of all. Moreover, it also saves a lot of time.

For this, you will need a can of compressed air.

Follow the given steps.

  • Plug a long straw in the outlet nozzle of the air can.
  • Now, put the end of the straw near the opening of the laptop fan.
  • On you have put the straw in the right position, start clicking the can button.
  • Do this for all the vents of all the fans.
  • The remaining air can be used to spray dust from the laptop surface.

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2. Using Vacuum Cleaner

If have a small size vacuum cleaner at your home, you can also use it to clean the laptop fan.

  • First, place any suitable thing between the blades of the fan to stop it from spinning.
  • Then put the pipe of the vacuum cleaner a little bit distant from the fan vents.
  • Start the vacuum cleaner and it will suck all the dust.

3. A Hairdryer can Also Work!

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, there is nothing to worry about. Because a hairdryer can also surprisingly clean the laptop fan.

  • First, make sure that the laptop is off.
  • Secondly, place any suitable thing to stop the spinning of the fan.
  • Now put the hairdryer in the cool or no heat setting.
  • Place the dryer in front of the fan and turn it on.
  • All the dust will be cleaned.

4. Using an Air Blower

A low-powered electric blower can also be useful.

For this,

  • Turn the laptop off.
  • Repeat all the precautions from the previous methods.
  • Place the blower pipe in front of the fan.
  • Now, turn the blower on and the dust will be gone.

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5. With the Help of Silicon Blower

If you don’t want to use any of the above methods, you can also use the silicon blower.

A silicon blower is made of silicon and works manually.

This method has no extra guidelines. You can simply repeat the compressed air method with the silicon blower as an alternative.


Hopefully, after reading all the methods, you have learned how to clean a laptop fan without opening its case.