How To Clean Laptop Screen Without Streaks?

Dirty screens can always be a hurdle while you are trying to give your 100% to a certain task. A lot of people find it annoying and tend to clean their laptop’s screen once in a while. However, how to clean laptop screen without streaks still pops up as one of the most asked questions. 

Whenever a screen is not clean for days it leaves streaks everywhere. These streaks are annoying and take more effort to erase. Moreover, they often look like a dent or a permanent mark on the screen.

How To Clean Laptop Screen Without Streaks?

This becomes an issue for laptop users as they can not take out their screen and clean it properly. They have to clean it while it is attached to the laptop. Yet, it demands more effort to clean a screen without streaks. In the following article, we will go through some easy and handy ways to clean a laptop screen without streaks.

Cleaning Laptop Screen With Vinegar

It might sound absurd but it is one of the most effective ways to clean a laptop’s screen without damage. However, you need to be careful and prefer soft and sensitive items to do the cleaning process.

Here’s what I think will be the most effective and careful choice for cleaning a laptop screen.

You should have a microfiber cloth, spray bottle, and eyeglass cleaning cloth.

Additionally, distilled water and white vinegar are the most important materials for this process.

I prefer a microfiber cloth or a cotton rug because it will require less pressure from your side and do the extraction task on its own. Also, the eyeglass cleaning cloth is itself made for cleaning sensitive glasses.

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First of all, mix the distilled water and white vinegar in the spray bottle. Make sure to mix both materials equally. I will suggest having half a cup of both liquids. 

Once the mixture is ready, spray it on the microfiber cloth/ cotton rug. 

Make sure that the liquid properly blends with the cleaning side of the cloth. Now, rub the screen gently in every area shortly. You can do it in small motions to avoid any scratches. 

Also, using a paper towel or tissue paper will not be a good idea as these materials can leave marks on the screen. 

Once you are done spreading the mixture all over the screen, repeat the process with the eyeglass cleaner. 

Therefore, if there is any mark or smudge left on the screen, pour a little bit of the mixture and repeat the process. 

Finally, you have a clean and smudge-free laptop screen to boost your productivity even more.

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How To Clean Your Laptop Screen From Getting Oily

Another thing that distracts and annoys most of the users is oily screens. This eventually is the worst thing you would see on your laptop’s screen. Users often try to erase and eliminate the oily substance but it gets even bigger. 

Therefore, you need to use some effective materials and tools. Also, you need to avoid some substances that can damage your screen as well.

There are two options while you are cleaning an oily screen. Either you purchase a cleaner or you create one yourself.

I think purchasing one is the better option. However, you should check the ingredients used in the mixture. The solution should not contain acetone, ammonia, ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, and window cleaning substances. 

As every laptop has a much more sensitive surface than ordinary glass, these substances can do severe damage. 

Although, if you want to create your cleaner to avoid any risky substance, here is an easy way to do it. 

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Create Your Cleaner

You can use several substances to create different sorts of cleaners. 

The first one is similar to what I mentioned in the above method i.e 50% water(distilled) and 50% white vinegar. Otherwise, you can use 50% distilled water and 50% isopropyl alcohol.

The last option would be distilled water and a tiny drop of dishwasher detergent.


Once you create a fine solution to clean your laptop’s screen. Simply unplug your laptop’s charger and remove the battery as well. This precaution is to avoid any electrical harm during the process.

Now spray the solution on the microfiber cloth and make sure it absorbs it properly.

Now rub the cloth on the particular area in a small circular motion. Make sure to do it gently to avoid any streaks. 

One more thing that usually damages the screen while cleaning is applying the cloth hardly. It can displace the liquid crystals in the screen and permanently damage it.

Now leave the screen to dry for about half-hour. Additionally, cover the ports and keyboard with a light cloth and make sure that there is no liquid on them. 

To make things more efficient, rub the screen gently with the eyeglass cleaning cloth. This will erase any solution or water drops if they are left on the screen. 

Usually, the screen gets oily if a user eats or drinks beside the laptop. And not only the screen, keyboard, and mouse often get oily too. Therefore, one should avoid these things while using a laptop. Sweaty hands can also cause oil on the screen. 

While cleaning a laptop screen one should keep low pressure as it can cause permanent damage to the screen. Furthermore, one should avoid using harmful substances(window cleaners). 

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The Bottom Line

Cleaning a laptop screen without getting streaks is an easy task. Anyone can do it unless they are gentle and using proper materials. You can use vinegar and water to clean without streaks. Also, you can use isopropyl alcohol. 

These are the essential and suggested materials. Afterward, one should avoid paper cloth or hard clothes to clean the screen. You can use any cotton t-shirt or rug. Moreover, you can use any microfiber cloth and an eyeglass cleaning cloth. 

Make sure to make the solution saturated and pour it on the cloth instead of pouring it directly on the screen.