How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Laptop Screen?

If you are looking for how much does it cost to repair a laptop screen, you must have a broken one. Right?

Well, that’s quite a common thing to happen. Although you must be very careful with your laptop, unfortunate can happen anytime. No matter how many precautions you take, when it has to happen it will happen.

However, if you have unfortunately broken your laptop screen, then there is nothing to worry about. 

All you have to do now is to decide:

How can I fix my laptop screen without replacing it?

How much does it cost to repair a laptop screen?

and finally,

Is it worth fixing a laptop screen?

There are a lot of options through which you can fix the screen of your laptop. For example, you can consult a technician to do the job, you can contact your local computer repair shops. Moreover, you can also repair it yourself at home.

Whether you are going to hire someone to fix the screen, or you are planning to do it yourself, you should know what is the average price of getting a laptop screen repaired. So that you can avoid any kind of scams.

For curious people like you, we have brought this ultimate guide on how much does it cost to repair a laptop screen.

How do I Know if My Laptop Screen is Broken?

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Laptop Screen?

Before getting to know about the cost of laptop screen repair, you must be sure whether your screen is broken or not. For this, you need to know what are the signs of a broken laptop screen. Below, we have listed some of the common signs that indicate a broken laptop screen.

  1. Visible Damage: This is the most obvious sign of a broken laptop screen. In this case, you will see black spots or screen cracks on the screen.
  1. Improper Functioning of Screen: This is the sign which happens without the physical appearance of damage. You can tell that your screen is malfunctioning by looking at the distorted pictures, resolution lines, and blank screen.
  1. No Display on the Screen: This issue arises when you connect your laptop with an external monitor, it works perfectly. However, not showing any display on its own screen.

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What to Ensure After Getting a Laptop Screen Repaired?

Before paying the charges to the technician or leaving the repair shop, you must ensure that a proper display is displayed on the screen. Even if you have fixed it yourself, it’s an essential part to ensure that:

  • There are not any scratches on the screen.
  • There should not be any cracks on the screen.
  • No previous issues arise, such as a blank screen or resolution lines.
  • Pictures are correctly displayed.
  • No issues with colors.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair A Laptop Screen?

The cost of repairing a laptop screen varies with the variation in scenarios. For example, a newer version laptop will cost differently than an older one. Moreover, if your laptop is still in warranty, it will take way less than usual. 

So, we have listed all the possible scenarios of getting a laptop screen repaired.

Please Note: However, before going to any technician or repair shop, you should also see the prices of your laptop’s components on the internet by entering your laptop’s product number in any well know eCommerce market.

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1. If Your Laptop is Still in Warranty

If your laptop is still in the warranty period, it’s the best idea not to try repairing it or hiring a technician. Because it will violate the manufacturer’s warranty rules. 

You should simply contact the manufacturer’s customer facilitation center for the repair of your screen.

In this case, you will only have to pay the shipment cost for your laptop.

2. For Laptops with Bigger Screens

If you have a laptop with a bigger screen, it may cost you nearly $300 to repair its screen. 

Furthermore, if your laptop has a solid fixed body like that of Acer 15.6, then consider adding 100 bucks more into the repair cost, making it around $400. This is because the solid fixed body needs to be opened up completely.

3. For the Older Version Laptops

If you have an older laptop, then it may cost you a little higher than the newer ones. This is because finding the components of these older laptops is not easy. 

Hence, the cost of repairing the broken screen of older laptops may go as high as $500-600.

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4. For Touch Screen Laptops

Usually, the repairing cost of broken screens for touch-screened laptops is almost the same as an ordinary one.

For example, repairing the touch screen of a laptop may cost you around $300-400 including the labor charges.

However, the screen repairing cost of exclusive laptops like Apple and Microsoft Signature Versions is nearly equal to the price of laptops. So if you have one, take special care of it.

The Cost When You Repair It by Yourself

Repairing a laptop screen yourself is not a very difficult task. Unless you have a proper skill set and guide on how to repair a laptop screen.

Also, it will save you a lot of money because in this way you are not going to pay the labor charges. All you have to pay for is the components you will replace.

Repairing a laptop screen by yourself will cost you around $150-200

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In this article, we have mentioned almost all the scenarios of repairing a laptop screen. For example, the repairing cost of touch screen laptops, older version laptops, and newer version laptops.

Moreover, we have also described how much does it cost to repair a laptop screen yourself.

Hence, if you are planning to get your laptop screen repaired, reading this article will surely help you avoid scams. Consequently, saving you a good amount of your hard-earned money