How To Fix Laptop Power Jack [Quick And Easy Fixes]

How To Fix Laptop Power Jack?

Laptop power jacks are sensitive. If you have broken or damaged your and wondering how to fix Laptop Power Jack, then you are in the perfect place. We are going to discuss all the possible ways to easily fix your laptop’s power jack. 

There are two possible ways. One, if the DC jack is directly connected to the motherboard circuit it is solder. Second, if the power jack is connected via wire cable. Then it is easy to replace. 

Major Causes Of Laptop Power Jack Damage

Laptop power jacks are made to bear rough conditions. But with the passage of time, they do get loose. This results in errors during battery charging. The power jack may indicate different signs if it’s faulty or damaged. Like flickering during charging, not being able to charge at all, needing support during charging, and in severe cases turning off the laptop due to shortcircuit.  There are several major causes of power jack damage.

  • Using faulty adapter pin.
  • When suddenly the charger drops it pulls the wire.
  • Shortcircuit at the DC power jack. 
  • Losing of power jack pin over time. 
  • Sometimes the power jack is stuffed with dust or fibers. They do not allow the current to pass properly. Try to clean the jack to remove the dust. 

Test The Power Jack Before Fixing

You might be wondering how you can test the power jack even before fixing it. Sometimes you are thinking wrong. Most of the issues are caused by the laptop charger, not the power jack. To confirm the hardware issue in the power jack you must run some tests. 

First, try to charge your laptop using a different charger. If it is charging, it means your charger is at fault. Second, take a multimeter and test the pin and the jack. 

  • Switch your multimeter to DC current. 
  • Now plug in the adapter to a power source.
  • Place the black pin of your multimeter outside the adapter pin and red inside the pin. 
  • If it indicates the current your adapter is absolutely fine.
  • Now check the laptop power jack. 
  • Place the black pin of the multimeter on the ground (Outer pin) of the power jack and red on the middle pin. 
  • If the current is reflected it means the power jack is damaged or short-circuited. 

How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Physically Broken

There is only one way to fix the physically broken power jack. That is to replace it completely. There are two types of power jacks. Both are easy to repair or replace. We are going to discuss both methods. 

1. Replace Power Jack Without Soldering

Non-solder power jacks are super easy to replace. The only thing matter in this method is how to open your laptop and locate the power jack. Power jacks are often on the right or left side of the laptop. These are the steps you have to follow carefully. 

Things You Need

  1. Screw Driver
  2. New Power Jack


  • First thing first, turn off your laptop and remove all the power sources including the battery. 
  • Now flip your laptop and unscrew all the screws on the back cover. 
  • After removing the screws you have to remove the keyboard. It is because the keyboard is also connected to the motherboard that makes it impossible to detach. 
  • Now open the laptop lid. Locate the keyboard locks and unlock them. Simply insert a flat face screwdriver and twist a bit until you hear a click.  
how to repair power jack on laptop
  • Remove the keyboard carefully by detaching the keyboard strip from the motherboard. 
  • Detach the hard drive and rams from the motherboard first.
  • Now flip the laptop again and remove the motherboard carefully. 
  • Now you can see the power jack. Follow the wires connected to the power jack and motherboard. 
  • Remove clips of these wires from the motherboard.  
how to fix power jack on dell laptop
  • Place the new power jack and attach the wires the same way. 
how to fix laptop dc power jack
  • Assemble the laptop again and insert the battery. Turn on the laptop, plug in the laptop charger, and see if it’s charging now. 
  • If still not charging. Best to contact the professionals. 

2. Replacing Soldered Laptop Power Jack

Soldered power jacks are hard to replace and need soldering expertise. You also have to remember the connections and attach them to the exact place and angle. The method involves some of the previous steps. 

Things you need

  1. A Soldering iron
  2. Solder (Wire)
  3. Heat Gun


  • Remove the laptop’s back cover and keyboard. 
how to fix hp laptop power jack
  • Now remove the motherboard including rams and hard drive. 
  • Now locate the power jack. 
  • You have to use the heat gun or soldering iron to remove the previous soldering. 
how to fix loose power jack on laptop
  • After removing the soldering. Place the new jack on the circuit board and solder carefully. 
how to fix laptop power jack without soldering
  • Assemble all parts again and insert the battery. Turn on your laptop and plug in the adapter. 
  • Your laptop jack is completely renewed. 


Can a laptop charging port be fixed?

Identifying the source of the problem is the first step in fixing a laptop charger port. You can easily remove and replace the power jack if it is connected to the motherboard. You’ll have to desolder the power jack if it is soldered to the motherboard and install a new one.

How do I know if my laptop power jack is bad?

You can check your power adapter first. The best way to test the power adapter is through a multimeter. Place the negative end of the multimeter outside the adapter pin and the positive end inside the pin. If the voltage is equal to the voltage stated on the adapter then it works fine. Now your laptop jack defaults.

How much does it cost to fix a charging port on a laptop?

On average, it costs you about $50 to $60 including the labor fee and the laptop part. Some of the models do have expensive power jacks like MacBook and some Alienware laptops.

How can I fix my laptop power jack without soldering?

The power jacks that allow the connection without soldering consist of wire connections. These wires are attached to the motherboard and you can remove the jack easily.

Final Words

You can locate and change the faulty laptop power jack easily. We have discussed the detailed method of how you can do it. Power jacks are very easy to replace if you have the right tools Some power jacks do not need any soldering. They are plugged through a wire and can be replaced easily.