How To Charge Laptop With HDMI [Quick & Safe Method]

If you are searching for how to charge a laptop with HDMI, then most probably your charger is not working. Or your laptop charging port is damaged. In both cases, you will be unable to charge the laptop.

There are several solutions like you can charge your laptop using USB cables, Data Type-C cables, and even HDMI cables. You will be thinking that HDMI only has the display option. How it can charge the Laptop’s battery. The answer is each of the mentioned cables has a positive and negative end. It is because they are often used to transfer current as in power banks. 

Is it Safe To Use HDMI Cable To Charge Laptop?

How To Charge Laptop With HDMI

If using HDMI to charge a laptop is the only option you have, then you can consider it. In normal conditions, it is very risky to charge a laptop through HDMI. 

Why? It is because the HDMI cable provides the indirect current to the battery. This current travels from the entire circuit board to the battery. The difference in the amperes and current may damage the motherboard components. That is why using HDMI to charge a laptop is not safe. 

In some cases, the battery has a bridge attached to it. This bridge is unidirectional and does not allow the current to flow back from the motherboard to the battery. In such a case, you will not be able to charge the battery. 

There are few direct methods of how to charge laptop with hdmi. We are going to discuss some of them.

Charging Laptop Using HDMI Power Bank

The most common and legit way to charge a laptop is through a power bank. Power banks stores the power so can charge your mobile and laptop devices. Laptop power banks are different from mobile power banks. How you can do it? Follow the following steps. 

Charging Laptop Using HDMI Power Bank

Step 1: Check Laptop

There are very few laptop brands and models that support HDMI charging. It is because this type of circuit connection requires special chips. For this, you have to locate the HDMI ports of your laptop. Now you have to connect the HDMI cable with them. If the laptop shows the charging sign, then it means it’s charging and your laptop is HDMI charging support list. 

In most Macbooks, there are no HDMI ports available. Mostly there are Type-C ports only. They are used for both charging and data transfer. You have to buy an HDMI to Type-C converter to use this method on your Macbook. 

Step 2: Connecting The HDMI

The connection of HDMI with your laptop and power source is simple. You have to plug the HDMI cable into the power bank or into the adapter. Now connect the other HDMI end to the laptop port. Just plug the wire into the HDMI port. The cable should be a double-ended HDMI cable. 

Charging Laptop Using HDMI TV Port

TV also provides the output current into the HDMI. You can only use this current if your laptop is HDMI charging capable. Most modern LED or LCD TVs have the HDMI option. They also have an adapter as most of them are inverters. They need AC adapters as a power source. Follow these simple steps to connect HDMI power to the laptop. 

Step 1: Connect The HDMI To the TV

The TV current is the power source for your laptop. There should be HDMI double-ended cable for this purpose.

Charging Laptop Using HDMI TV Port

Take this double-ended cable and connect it to the TV’s HDMI port and turn on your TV. Now take the other end and plug this end into the laptop’s HDMI port. 

how to charge dell laptop with hdmi

Step 2: Test The Connections 

To test all the connections are right after plugins the laptop’s cable navigates the charging light. If the charging light is blinking or showing the charging. It means that the cable connections are absolutely right. HDMI is connected right. 

If it is not showing any signs, then you can troubleshoot the procedure. Here are some tips. First, check your TV. If it is not working properly try to connect the same cable with another working TV. 

If the problem is persistent try to change the cable. Your HDMI cable might be damaged or faulty. Try to change the HDMI cable. 

how to charge laptop with usb c

Do not forget to attach the power source to your TV. Because the power source will indirectly supply the power to the laptop. 


Is there a way to charge a laptop without the charger?

There are several ways that can be used if you have lost or broken your laptop adapter. You can use USB, Type-C, or HDMI cables to charge your laptop. There are several power banks available that can help in providing the essential voltage. 

Does USB-C to HDMI charge the laptop?

If your laptop supports USB or HDMI charging then you can easily charge it. You just need the AC power source. Like in our blog post we have used the Power Bank for the laptop and connected it through HDMI. There are several ways to check compatibility. The best is to check the user manual.

Can an HDMI cable charge a laptop?

HDMI cables are mainly made to transfer the video codes. They are mostly used to cast video from one device to other. Like laptops and LED TVs. But the other function is to carry current. We can use it to charge our laptops. You can connect the HDMI to a power bank and then it’s ready to charge your laptop. In this blog, you can read the best methods to do it.

Can I charge the laptop using a power bank?

There are special power banks for the laptops. As mobile batteries are small in size. They need less voltage and ampere power banks. In the case of laptop batteries. They need high amperes. Therefore they have different power banks.

Final Words

HDMI establishes the secure power connection between laptop and power source. You can charge your laptop using HDMI using any of the above-described methods. There are some HDMI-supported power banks. This method is best to use if your laptop charger is damaged or lost. Otherwise, try your best to use the original laptop adapter to charge your laptop.