How To Use Keyboard And Mouse On Xbox One Without Adapter?

Finding a way of how to use keyboard and mouse on Xbox One without adapter? Then you are at the right place. We are going to discuss this topic with complete details and quick methods. Xbox One has the controllers to play games and do settings. 

If you are a PC gamer and have switched to Xbox One recently. It will be difficult for you to play games with a controller. As you have been playing games using keyboard and mouse. Don’t worry. We are going to attach them to your Xbox One too. 

How To Use Keyboard And Mouse On Xbox One Without Adapter

How To Use Keyboard And Mouse On Xbox One Without Adapter

There are few direct methods like there are USB hubs at the back of your Xbox. Yes, there are USB ports on the back of your Xbox One. Using their USB ports you do not have to attach any adapters. Many of you may be using an external hard drive to save games. There are a few popular methods as follows. 

Method 1: Using Direct USB Ports

Yes, you can directly connect your mouse and keyboard without using any Bluetooth device or any external adapter. This resolves your issue completely. Here are the steps you have to follow. 

  • First, locate the USB ports of your Xbox One on the back. 
  • Now just plug in the wire of your mouse in one port and the keyboard into the other port. 
  • Turn on your Xbox One. If you can see the lights of your keyboard then it is connected. 
  • Now go to the settings in Xbox One. Here you can find the “Connect and Devices” option. Open it. 
  • After the access, go to “Device and Accessories”.
  • Here you can see the option of mouse and keyboard. If the names of your devices are listed here. Then both of them are connected. 
  • You can try to use the arrow keys of your keyboard to confirm this. 

Method 2: Using a Wireless Mouse And Keyboard

The best method to use a keyboard and mouse on Xbox One without an adapter is using a wireless keyboard and mouse. This method involves the wireless USB Bluetooth device. It will be plugged into the back of your Xbox One.

Microsoft had a contract with Razer Inc. To provide them the wireless mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One. That is why Razer Mouse and Keyboards are specialized to connect with your console. Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can connect them.

  • First of all, you have to connect the Bluetooth device to your Xbox One. Locate the USB port at the back of your Xbox. 
  • Now flip your mouse and locate the turn-on button. Switch the button to on. 
  • Now open the settings of your Xbox One.
  • Go to “Connect & Devices”.
  • Here you will find the “Device and accessories”. Access it. Now you can see the option of a keyboard and mouse as wireless devices. 
  • Connect them. In some Razer  Mouse, the Razor logo blinks which is the indication that the mouse has paired. 

Method 3: Using Wireless Dongle

Razor Mouses are the best pair to be used with Xbox One. They offer instant pairing and ready-to-use capability. Dongle devices offer limited connectivity of devices. While Bluetooth offers more devices. Dongle requires an internet connection to connect the device. 

  • To connect your mouse through a dongle device, you have to plug the dongle into the Xbox One. There are USB ports at the back of your console. 
  • As your Xbox shares the same network, it will easily connect the razor wireless keyboard and mouse with it. To connect the Mouse press the combination or your Razer mouse. 
  • Each Razor mouse has its own combination of keys. Like to pair Razor Naga Pro, you have to press the wheel button and both DPI buttons for 3 seconds. 
  • Once it is activated, you can see the device in Settings > Connect and Devices > Device and Accessories in your console.

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Keyboard Inputs And Its Corresponding Function In Xbox One

Controllers are the specific devices to use with the console. Their keys have a specific function for any input. Therefore after connecting a keyboard, you have to navigate the keyboard keys. You have to find the keys corresponding to the controller buttons. Don’t worry. I have a complete list of keyboard input keys and their corresponding function keys in Xbox One. 

FunctionController InputKeyboard Key
Move to the next elementN/A Tab
Move to the previous elementN/AShift + Tab
Open the guideXbox buttonWindows Button
SelectASpace or Enter
BackBEscape or Backspace
Open SearchYY
Open menu Menu ButtonWin + M
Change viewView buttonWin + V
Up Left stick up, D-Pad upUp arrow
DownLeft stick down, D-pad downDown arrow
LeftLeft stick down, D-pad leftLeft arrow
RightLeft stick right, D-pad rightRight arrow

Which Games Support Keyboard And Mouse On Xbox One?

There is a list of games that do support and use a keyboard and mouse combo in all video games. However, some games do not support this feature. Most of the games that are also available on PC are on the list of keyboard and mouse support games. 

Game NameCompatibility
Bomber crewYes
Children of MortaYes
Day ZYes
Deep Rock GalaticYes
Gears of war 5Yes
Minion MastersYes
Sea of ThrivesYes
The Sims 4Yes
War faceYes
Strange BrigadeYes
Surviving MarsYes

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What adapter do I need to use mouse and keyboard on Xbox?

Always select the best quality adapters that do don delay any speed. KeyMander is considered one of the best adapters used with the Xbox One. It is because of its compatibility and providing more ports. 

Can you play Apex with the keyboard and mouse on Xbox without an adapter?

Apex Legend does not support the keyboard and mouse on the Xbox One. It is because it has extensive keys and only be playable with a controller. We have provided the list of games in this blog, that you can play using the keyboard and mouse on your console.

How do I use a keyboard and mouse on Xbox One games?

Some games allow the same keys on Xbox as they are on the PC. Like in Minecraft, you can move your character using WASD keys. In PC the keys are the same. You have to run each game separately and check the keys. 

How do I connect my keyboard to my Xbox One?

There are several methods to do so. You can use an adapter to connect multiple devices like a keyboard. Mouse. Controllers etc. But if you do not want to connect an adapter. Then just plug the USB ends of your keyboard or mouse into the USB port of your console. It will connect automatically. There are some wireless methods too. Want to know more? Visit this blog. 

Does Xbox One have Bluetooth?

There is a way to connect a Bluetooth device with the Xbox One. In this method, you have to use a Bluetooth device. Plug the device on the USB port of your console. Often located on the back. Now connect the device e.g. mouse with Bluetooth. The Xbox One does not have any built-in Bluetooth. 


The best way to connect a keyboard and mouse to your Xbox One is through direct USB ports. These ports are located on the backside of your console. The problem for many gamers is that they have an external hard drive. These hard drives have games in them and are necessary to connect. So, the wireless settings are the best for such situations to resolve your issue of how to use keyboard and mouse on Xbox One without adapter.