How To Connect Two Laptops Wirelessly?

Connecting two devices is a piece of cake if you are using cables to perform the task. However, connecting two laptops wirelessly is a little bit tricky but a big deal as well. You can connect two laptops by using a wifi network very easily. Just stick with the article and you will get your answers explained step by step with a nice brief.

Connecting Laptops wirelessly

Using a network is the best wireless method of connecting two laptops wirelessly. If you don’t have an existing network, you can connect via Bluetooth easily. Also, you can use a wifi router to do the job. Focus on the tutorial below for all the methods.

How To Connect Two Laptops Wirelessly

1. Join Into The Existing Network

As mentioned, using an existing network can help you to connect laptops wirelessly. Furthermore, this is the easiest way to connect them. However, there are a lot of other ways also available. But, they will lack performance. Connecting to an existing and already established network grants more reliability and performance.

Not just performance, but this offers a mesmerizing wifi range and internet access to the devices as well.

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You can easily connect both of the devices with the same existing network. Once you are done with the process. You can directly share files and do so much more within both devices easily.

2. The Ad-Havoc Method

The previous method was using a third-party wireless router and connecting to the pre-established network to enjoy connecting both laptops. In case you do not have a wireless adapter available, you can use the built-in adapter of your laptop to create a wireless network.

Although, it will not be a permanent solution to your problem. It will act like a temporary wireless network adapter that you can use to connect to the other laptop and share files and play some local games together.

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Setting Up Ad-Havoc Network

You can create the ad-havoc method on Windows 10 by using Windows Powershell. Windows Powershell is found once you right-click the start menu and select Windows Powershell.

Search for the open Powershell terminal and type netsh WLAN show drivers. By doing this, you will get a list of all the available Wifi devices. It will show all the devices whether or not it is available to create a virtual access point. 

Over there, you might face an issue. If it says no to the hosted network supported. But you don’t need to worry about that. All you need to do is to update your drivers.

If the device is compatible and supports it. Type netsh WLAN set hosted network mode=allow ssid=adhoc key=password. This command will help you to create a virtual wifi network. Also, you can change the SSID and key with your SSID name and password. It can be whatever you want for your wireless network.

The method above will allow you to create the wireless network right from your device. In order to run it properly type netsh WLAN and start hosted network.

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Connecting To The Ad-Havoc Network

Once you are done creating and launching your ad-havoc network. It will be visible to other devices. You can use this network instead of the third-party pre-established network. Once you have the network you can easily connect two laptops and share files altogether.

Disabling The Ad-Havoc

As I mentioned above, the ad-havoc is just a temporary network that you create within your device. Once you are ready to finish the network. Go back to the Windows Powershell by right-clicking the start menu. Type netsh WLAN stop hosted network. It will disconnect every device connected to the network.

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3. Connect Via Bluetooth

This is another way of connecting two laptops. You can easily share files and connect to different software and games. The only disadvantage that this method brings is that you will need to minimize the distance of devices as much as possible. BlueTooth services require the devices to stay nearby to maintain connectivity. 

First of all, check if both of your devices have Bluetooth available. Most of the latest models of laptops and computers have Bluetooth as a built-in function. But, if your device is not up to date, you can still purchase a Bluetooth adapter to do the task

Turn On Bluetooth

On windows 10, turn on the Bluetooth by selecting the action icon on the right-bottom corner of the screen. 

Once you enable Bluetooth by clicking on the Bluetooth icon, open settings by right-clicking the start menu. 

Now from the settings menu, go to Devices. Select Bluetooth and other devices. Select Add Bluetooth Or Other Devices. 

Now, select the Add Bluetooth Option.

This will display the list of all nearby Bluetooth devices. Find the one with the name of your other laptop. It can be anything that you specified. Click on the name of the device. It might show a pin code on both screens. Enter the code so you will be able to pair it with the device. 

Once you connect the devices, go to the notification panel of your windows 10. Select the Bluetooth icon and right-click on it. Now select send a file or receive a file and you will be able to do that within the laptops. 

Now you can also share the internet of one device with another by joining or creating the shared network.

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If you are looking for how to connect two laptops wirelessly, you might be looking for the most convenient way to do it. The easiest way to do this is by using an existing network. You can connect both devices and share them with each other.

Otherwise, you can use the ad-havoc method. This means creating a temporary network in your device. This method is a bit lengthy but worth the try. Moreover, you can use Bluetooth and connect both devices. It will not only help in sharing files but you will be able to create a shared network as well.