What Does Refurbished Laptop Mean | Things To Know Before Buying

A refurbished laptop is a laptop or a computer that the customer returns to the retailer because of many varying reasons. It can either be a slight fault in any part of the computer that makes the customer uncomfortable. And return it to the retailer. Sometimes, the customer is just not satisfied with the make and model of the laptop. That’s why they ask for a refund or exchange it. Before selling a returned laptop or computer to another customer the retailer repairs the device and fixes the issue.

A lot of people purchase refurbished laptops and sometimes they end up purchasing the wrong one. Therefore, in the following article, we are going to discuss a few things to know before purchasing a refurbished laptop.

Now, what makes people purchase refurbished laptops instead of purchasing new ones?

What Does Refurbished Laptop Mean | Things To Know Before Buying

There are a lot of reasons behind it. Some people purchase refurbished laptops as the retailer provides discounts on them and widely this is the only major reason behind it. But purchasing these repaired, un-boxed, or leased laptops brings some disadvantages as well.

As mentioned above, the laptop that a customer returns to the retailer is called a refurbished laptop. Mostly this happens when a customer isn’t satisfied with the make and model or if there is some damage to the laptop. Therefore, a lot of times refurbished laptops do not offer a long warranty period.

What To Check While Purchasing A Refurbished Laptop

This is an important part before you start hunting for a laptop. Those things include;

  • Before purchasing a refurbished laptop always go for some reviews. You can get a lot of them regarding the model and everything that will be helpful to figure out whether the specs are suitable for you or not.
  • Search for the warranty that the seller is providing on that laptop.
  • One should always check the discount that they are getting by purchasing a refurbished laptop and what is the difference in the price of a brand new model with the same specs
  • Look for the year that the laptop was originally released by the company.
  • Do some research on your own regarding the specs, refurbished quality, etc.

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Pros And Cons Of Refurbished Laptop

The refurbished laptops come with a few pros and cons.


1. Low Cost

The refurbished devices are lower in cost as compared to a brand new model. The specification of a refurbished laptop has higher specs than a few years old laptops. As mentioned above, these laptops have a lower price because they are repaired and fixed by the refurbisher.

2. Get Reviewed Before Purchasing

The refurbished laptops offer more reviews as compared to a brand new model. This does not require much debate. If you purchase a used or refurbished model there will be more users who are already experienced with that device.

3. Almost New

Mostly, when you purchase a refurbished laptop you will get yourself one that is not exactly a brand new model but a closer one. A lot of refurbishers accept laptops from their users that do not meet their needs perfectly yet these devices don’t have any issues and are slightly used but low in price.

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1. Consistent

Purchasing refurbished or second-hand laptops is not a big deal until you confirm that they are really refurbished. A lot of sellers just clean the parts slightly and call it a refurbished laptop which is not the real meaning of refurbishing a laptop.

While refurbishing a laptop one has to go from a few steps that include cleaning the inner parts of a laptop, fixing or changing any broken or damaged parts, and cleaning the exteriors as well.

2. Lesser Warranty Period

Refurbished devices especially laptops have a shorter lifespan and less warranty period than a brand new laptop. Nowadays, technology is evolving and devices are getting updated quickly therefore, users have already replaced their tech after a year or two.

Those people who are not persuaded to do so are convinced by this manner. When purchasing a laptop you have to keep in mind that you have to replace it sooner.

3. Problems Fixed Temporary

Also, there are a few problems such as heat or some irregular soldering wire that is not fixed permanently. These problems reoccur and make it worse for the user.

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4. Installation Error

A professional technician certifies it before selling it to someone else. Afterward, the refurbisher has to install the software to support the device. Mostly the software isn’t installed properly which can be a hurdle for the user.

Is It Good To Purchase A Refurbished Laptop?

Now, this is a subjective question. Purchasing a refurbished laptop is not bad at all. It is even helpful in a lot of ways. the major perk that one can achieve by purchasing a refurbished laptop is saving money. You can save 30 to 40% more money on a refurbished laptop than on buying a new one. Although, there are a few risks as well.

Overall, if you hunt with the proper tips and search for the best refurbished laptop. You will be getting it at a lower price but the same quality which is absolutely amazing. Purchasing a refurbished laptop would be a bad idea for those who are looking for the latest specifications as the refurbished laptop is at least a year older than the latest one.

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Purchasing a refurbished laptop requires a few kinds of research such as checking reviews and the best discounts. You can save money by purchasing a refurbished laptop instead of purchasing a new one. They are a few specs older than a new and latest model but you can search and buy the one that meets your needs perfectly.

Purchasing a refurbished laptop can be a real struggle if it is not verified for sale by a professional technician. Also, it becomes messy if the refurbisher leaves a few parts broken or wires unsoldered.