How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Keyboard?

Replacing is the last option for a faulty keyboard if it does not have any repairing solution. Technically, keyboard replacement is way easier than its repair but in some cases, it is costly too. But replacing the keyboard will completely take you out of the misery of repairing it.

How much does it cost to replace a laptop keyboard?

There are 100s of laptop manufacturing companies and all of them have different laptop designs and features. If we talk about the cost of keyboard replacement, it surely depends on the laptop brand and its cost. Some laptops are cheap and do have cheap replacement parts.

Most of the brands like Dell, Hp, Acer, Lenovo, and Asus offer their parts from their official repairing or replacing service. Therefore their cost may differ from the local marketplace as they are providing original and legit parts. There are a few important factors that we are going to discuss in our serge of how much does it cost to replace a laptop keyboard?

What factors affect the keyboard cost? 

Before jumping into the pricing and comparisons, we first have to analyze some important facts that change the cost of laptop keyboards. 

1. Laptop Models

As we know each brand also has different laptop models. All these models are of different shapes and part types. Hence they have different keyboards and have different keyboard costs too. 

If you are using a high-priced brand like Apple. Their product parts will be expensive as compared to other companies. Their service and replacement fee will also be more than the average market price. Hence laptop models do affect the cost to replace a laptop keyboard. 

2. Keyboard Type

Keyboards may be standard, illuminated or palm rest keyboards All these keyboards have different costs according to their features. Like illuminated keyboards are more costly than standard keyboards. 

Standard keyboards do not have any extra features they are simple typing keyboards. The illuminated keyboard has led lights in them that enable users to see the keys even at the night without any light. While the palm rest keyboard has extended palm supports to help relax your palm while typing.

3. Keyboard brand

Like different models, different brands also offer different keyboard costs according to the quality category. Some models support the same keyboard which is a plus point for the costumes but these same keyboards may have differences in quality.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Keyboard on an average?

The average cost of keyboard replacement is around $60-$200. Cost also depends on the keyboard type. Some examples of average keyboard prices are in the list below.

Keyboard TypeAverage Price Range
Palm rest$60-$70

Disclaimer: These are the average price that a user pays for these keyboards according to their laptop models without including a labor fee. 

How can I reduce the Cost of Replacing a Laptop Keyboard?

There are several ways they will help you to save on the cost of replacement.

Save labor cost

In some states, you have to pay about $40-$80 per hour as a labor cost to replace a keyboard. So the average price range goes above the keyboard’s original price. 

There are some laptops that allow easy to replace keyboards. These keyboards may be taken out easily, so you can watch tutorials to learn some basic steps. This will surely save the money that you are going to spend on labor costs.

All you need will be tools and tutorials. This is only if you have a standard laptop keyboard. In the case of any extraordinary keyboard, it is best to leave it for the profession. Otherwise, you will end up destroying your machine. 

Repairing old keyboard

If you have the option to repair your keyboard, go with it. But be sure that the keyboard condition is repairable and cost-friendly, and the keyboard will work perfectly for a long time after the repair. But if it’s not, then buy a new one right away. 

The repairing cost will be less than the replacement cost. Hence it will save you half of the amount you were about to spend.

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What are the Key points for replacing a laptop keyboard?

What are the Key points for replacing a laptop keyboard?

Always search online for the best replacement for your laptop’s keyboard. Through proper research, you will be aware of the product that you are going to buy.

If possible, buy the new keyboard or use the part replacement services of manufacturers. They will provide you with the original and genuine keyboard that will last long like the previous one. 

Replacement or repair must be done by a professional. So look for the best professional in your area and talk to them about your current keyboard situation. They will give you the best advice that you may consider. 

Do not buy any copy of your keyboard even if it is cheaper than the original one. You will not be able to replace or repair its parts and it will not work as a premium quality product. In the end, you will be searching for the keyboard again.

Always try to buy the best product. Search for the best suitable product for your laptop. Do not just consider the cost, consider the quality too. Less cost with the best product quality will extremely help you to buy the best product.  

Alternative methods to reduce the Cost to Replace a Laptop Keyboard

You always have a choice instead of spending money. You can buy an external keyboard that is less expensive. There are a lot of USB connectable keyboards available in the market. You can use these keyboards as external keyboards.

You try to clean your previous keyboard. Sometimes your keyboard keys are not faulty they just contain a lot of dust ad dirt. You always have to keep your laptop and keyboard section neat and clean. Cleaning may help to smoothen the keys and bring them back to life.

There are some professional brushes and liquid sprays to clean keyboard keys. You can use them to clean your machine. 

Reconnecting and cleaning onboard wires may also help in some cases. The laptop keyboards are attached to the board via strip wires. These wires are attached to the attachment site on the board. Try to clean both these connections and reconnect them.

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How much does it cost on average to replace a laptop keyboard?

According to a report, the average cost of keyboard replacement falls between $30 to $200. It all depends on your laptop model and manufacturer. The expensive laptops will have more expensive parts. 

Can you replace the laptop keyboard by yourself?

Yes, some laptop models, provide easy to replace keyboards. These keyboards are easy to remove just using some basic tools like tweezers etc. But if you have a complex keyboard model leave that works to the professionals.

Can we fix a broken laptop keyboard?

It depends on how it is broken. If it is completely destroyed including keys, the best option is to buy a new one. But if it has any slight issue like broken strip, slogging, or any other minor problem. You can fix or repair it easily.

How much does a standard keyboard cost?

A standard keyboard costs around $35 to $60 dollars. They only have the texting ability but no additional features like illuminant and palm rest. Such keyboards are expensive. 

What are the causes that may stop a keyboard from proper functioning? 

Keyboard drivers, Keyboard broken wire, motherboard, dust or dirt, short circuit, onboard strip connection, keyboard setting issues, and many more basic things may cause the keyboard to stop working normally.

The Bottom Line

An average keyboard replacement cost may vary according to size, model, brand, and keyboard type. In this case, different actors also affect the cost too. Like the labor fee and product cost. 

You have many other options to reduce the keyboard cost like changing the keyboard by yourself may reduce labor cost, trying to repair the keyboard may also reduce the cost, and many other things. According to our research, an average replacement cost is around $30 to $200, and repairing cost is around $25 to $50 depending on the laptop.