How To Track Laptop With Serial Number?

A laptop is one of the most essential parts of our daily life. Jobs, studies, and a lot more daily life activities have been digitalized and our laptop has been the bridge to access them.  A laptop contains information about businesses, personal pieces of information, and private folders that can not be shared with anyone lately.

Laptops mostly allow creating multiple user portals that help to keep personal information safe or restricted for use. Security options innovate the idea of keeping personal information safe and secure from data fetchers but if your laptop is stolen and now you can not keep your information safe.

The digital evolution allows you to track your devices such as mobiles and laptops to find their locations easily through GPS and satellite. There are multiple ways to track a laptop and a lot of programs help to track a laptop.

How To Track Laptop With Serial Number?

In the following article, we will discuss how to track a laptop with the serial number.

What Is A Serial Number?

Whenever you buy an electronic device you get a serial number for your device. It is helpful to note the serial number especially when you purchase a brand new smartphone or a laptop. 

A serial number is like a numeric code that is given to every device sequentially. It helps to make every device uniquely recognizable. A company or a brand keeps the serial number to monitor the products they manufacture. The same serial number helps the retailer to stalk the stock they purchase and it helps the customer and the network provider to watch the device and monitor if it’s being misused.

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How To Find The Serial Number Of Your Laptop?

How To Find The Serial Number Of Your Laptop?

Mostly, the serial number of your laptop is written on the box or on the back of your laptop. The retailer also provides the serial number in a form of a slipt or something like that. In case, you missed the serial number slipt or the box and it’s also not available on the back of your device, you can extract the serial number from your device digitally.

To find the serial number in your windows laptop, follow the steps below.

  • Open the command prompt, it can be opened by searching “cmd” in the search bar, start menu.
  • Once the command box pops up, enter “wmic bios get Serial number” to get the serial number of your laptop.

This method is applicable on windows 7, windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.

How To Track Your Stolen Laptop With The Serial Number?

A serial number is one of the useful ways to track your laptop if stolen or missed. This is one of the worst circumstances as it might carry personal information and sentimental such as personal pictures and memories or books and novels that we love to read.

Whenever we purchase a new device the serial number that is given by the manufacturing company or brand is sent to the local network providers to monitor the device.

Sorry to say, but there is not a legitimate way of tracking via the serial number directly until you have tracking software or program embedded in your laptop. However, if you misplace your laptop or if it got stolen it’s helpful to contact the local network providers. They require proof of ownership and to be sure, they can track the laptop on sight if it’s connected to the internet.

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A lot of experts in the field agree that a laptop can not be tracked via serial number but my take on this statement is partial.

As we discussed, not everyone can track a laptop but the service providers or the local police can help in tracking a laptop by its serial number.

How To Track a MacBook?

Tracking windows laptops are mostly easy and undemanding. If you are a proud Mac user, you might be using it for any important research or personal use. It can be a seriously awful situation if your Mac gets stolen or lost somewhere, mostly it is a public place such as a cafeteria or any transportation junctions.

How To Track a MacBook?

It is pretty terrible to say that there is not any obvious way to track it or do something about it if you just purchased your Mac and not even configured it, or just purchased it.

But if you just purchased a Mac or your old one that is configured, and you have enabled the Find My Mac and implemented the feature, you can gladly track its location and find your lost MacBook easily.

To enable Find My Mac on your MacBook follow the steps below,

  • Go to Apple Menu on your Mac
  • Select system preferences
  • Then click apple ID
  • From the sidebar, select iCloud
  • Select find my Mac and click allow.

It is highly recommended to always back up your data especially when it is important to research or presentation that needs to be protected and always configure it to avoid any issue in the future.

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It is scary that you lost the pictures and memories of your loved ones, you lost you’re the novels that you were supposed to complete but it’s even scarier that your personal data is in danger now. This is one of the scary circumstances that anyone would face.

You can track and locate the electronic devices that support GPS (Global Positioning System). This method is applicable until your laptop is connected to the internet. 

For sure, not everyone and every device can track and locate the device. It’s horrible, therefore, you can contact the local network operators and administrators to locate your laptop by locating the serial number or you can contact the network operators to block your device from being used. However, you can track and locate your MacBook by enabling the Find My Mac feature or by using any third-party applications and tracking software.